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Whitetail Fit True Edge Arrow Wraps


- Comes in 12pk

- High Quality Wraps

- Standard Size 4mm-6mm

- 4" Long x 1" Wide

- Lower Pricing than most compairable Full Graphic Arrow Wraps on the market at $14.95 without sacrificing any Quality


 - Designed for ease of fletching with an upper and lower “TrueEdge” indicator ring for perfect alignment of each fletch without sacrificing style. The upper ring will place the back of your vane at 1 and 1/8” from the throat of your nock for most ALL vane configurations. While Fletching at the lower indicator ring (Shown) will help align your longer 2.7” vanes such as the max stealth, Hybrid etc. at 1 and 3/8” from the throat of your nock. (measurements designed around your standard X and H nocks found on the Easton Axis and HEXX arrows) OR just fletch them however you like and enjoy the sleek design and styling! Fitment that complements arrows in range of 4mm - 6mm and available in 8 different polarizing colors, these new Whitetail Fit arrow wraps have got you covered!


  • This Item is currently being sold on a "PRE-SALE" that runs from September 1st - September 9th, 2023.  All Items purchased on this Pre-Sale may take up to 2-3 weeks BEFORE they ship out. Thank you so much for supporting my small business!   - Joel Burham